New classic explorer yacht listed

25 May 2014 ,

EEMS was built in 1961 by the Dutch Navy in Den Helder, the Netherlands, and commissioned to perform buoying work in the north of Holand. She belonged to the the Ministry of Defence in the Netherlands.

Today she is the support vessel for a sailing yacht built in 1919 and a pied à tierre of the present owner, an architect from Amsterdam. Last year she was still in London, but now she has permanent mooring or around the historical city of Hoorn, near Amsterdam. EEMS offers accommodation for 13 people and can be used for many occasions and events. With 14 tons of diesel on board EEMS has a large radius of action due to her long-stroke engine (400rpm). A ship with a beautiful past is looking for a new owner who will be drawn to her heritage and with a great sense of adventure. 

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