Exchange Rate Advantage

18 May 2015 ,

Yachts, which are priced in euros, have become significantly cheaper the last year

You cannot have missed it. The euro has dropped in value against the US dollar and many other currencies since a year ago. It is forecasted to stay at least at this level, and maybe even go lower. The drop is quite dramatic, but it is a huge advantage to buyers with US dollars. Yachts listed in euros are now 25% cheaper for buyers with US dollars!
And it is not only the US dollar that has risen against the euro. The Brazilian Real has risen 20% against the euro for instance. The same goes for most other currencies. 
At Sea Independent we have a lot of yachts for sale, listed in euros. Many of them are also available without VAT paid. This means an extra bonus of around 20% for a buyer from outside the European Union!
See our listing of Motor Yachts and Sailing Yachts for the complete overview. You will find some fine examples below.


Sailing Yachts

Motor Yachts

Hallberg Rassy 48, lying in Portugal

Explorer Vessel, lying in the Baltic

CCYD 72, lying in Italy

Pershing 92, lying in Thailand

Jongert 2100S, lying in the Netherlands

Princess V42, Lying in Croatia

Zeeman 41, lying in the Netherlands

Bugari 29M, lying in Greece

Cobra King, lying in Turkey

Couach 3300 Fly, lying in France

Frers52.5, lying in Japan

Explorer Support Vessel, lying in Holland


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