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Certified Yacht Valuation Reports

Sea Independent, an internationally operating registered yacht brokerage company, is very experienced  in creating accurate and reliable valuation reports. 
EMCI Registered Yacht Broker

These are confidential and will fit your financing, insurance or acquisition needs. Additionally, because of Sea Independent’s registered accreditation, the valuation reports are recognized by financial institutions, insurance companies, lawyers and others.
When you are contemplating selling your yacht, a valuation report will be an excellent aid to determining its market value. If you decide to sell your yacht through Sea Independent, we offer to deduct the cost of the valuation report from the brokerage fee.
The valuation reports can be detailed and inclusive as well as simple and brief; it all depends upon your needs. The cost of a report is either a percentage of the estimated value of the yacht or based upon an hourly pay, plus travel expenses.

Please feel free to contact Sea Independent Portugal for a non-committal quote.


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